Professional Disclosure Statement

Professional Disclosure Statement

I was awarded a Master of Fine Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lesley University, with specializations in the Expressive Arts and Holistic Health on May 20, 1996. Shortly after graduation I moved to the Durham/Chapel Hill area of North Carolina and after receiving the required supervision, was awarded a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) license (#2898) on August 16, 1997.

I work individually with adults who need more skills and options for improved thinking and behavior in working with the situations they face. Working from a client-centered perspective, I combine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy, Body-Oriented Therapy and occasionally Expressive Arts Therapy to assist clients in working toward their goals.

Fees can be discussed with me whether you are paying out-of-pocket, are in-network with an insurance company (BCBS or Cigna) or out-of-network.

Some health insurance company plans will reimburse clients for counseling services and some will not. In addition, most insurance companies will require that a diagnosis of a mental health condition and indicate that you must have an “illness” before they will agree to reimburse you. Some conditions for which people seek counseling do not qualify for reimbursement. If a qualifying diagnosis is appropriate in your case, I will inform you of the diagnosis before we submit the diagnosis to the health insurance company for reimbursement. Any diagnosis made will become part of your permanent insurance records.   We can discuss whether you would like me to submit claims and collect a co-pay from you, or whether you would like to pay for counseling services out of pocket.

Appointments must be cancelled with 48 hours notice or a $50. fee will be charged, unless someone on the waiting list takes your appointment time.

All of our communication becomes part of the clinical record, which is accessible to you upon request. I will keep confidential anything you say as part of our counseling relationship, with the following exceptions: (a) you direct me in writing to disclose information to someone else, (b) it is determined you are a danger to yourself or others (including child or elder abuse), or (c) I am ordered by a court to disclose information.

Although clients are encouraged to discuss any concerns with me, you may file a complaint against me with the organization below should you feel I am in violation of any of these codes of ethics. I abide by the ACA Code of Ethics (


North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors
P.O. Box 77819, Greensboro, NC 27417
Telephone: 844-622-3572   FAX: 336-217-9450